Grande Centre Point Terminal 21, Bangkok
Room: Sukhumvit 1-2 

10th -11th September 2022
2 - 5 PM [Bangkok time]

Portugal Golden Visa
Investment Seminar

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Grande Centre Point Terminal 21, Bangkok
Date/Time: 10th-11th September 2022 | 2pm - 5pm 

What is Portugal's Golden Visa?


€500k investment 

The Portuguese Golden Visa allows people to apply for permanent residency and citizenship after 5 years through investing in real estate, without having to reside in the country at any point. It’s such an attractive option due to its relaxed regulations, as the applicant and their family only have to visit for two weeks every year to renew the Visa.

This means that you can be granted citizenship without actually living in the country, which is different to many other countries worldwide. Once you have a second passport through being a citizen of Portugal, you can live, work and study anywhere in the EU, also making it an attractive proposition.


Freehold property ownership 

Travel visa-free throughout all Schengen countries 

Citizenship in 5 years 

  • Exclusive preview to a Portugal Golden Visa Investment Apartments
  • Newest updates on Golden Visa in 2022
  • FREE legal and immigration consultation with international and local experts
  • 10% discounts for first 10 units ONLY available at the event

What can you expect at the event?


This project is conveniently located next to privileged amenities including five championship golf courses and a top sport centre. There's also unique boutiques and top European outlet stores along with Michelin-star restaurants and they're within a 20-minute drive to Faro Airport. 

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Join us in Bangkok on 10-11 September (Saturday to Sunday) to receive access to exclusive Portugal development, which comes with a guaranteed annual net return through a managed rental program. The Golden Visa program also entitles you to legal residency in Portugal and hassle-free travel between EU countries.

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Chris White
Ideal Homes Portugal

Ricardo Ferreira
Managing Partner
Martínez-Echevarría & Ferreira

Patthama Pathumthong
Sales & Marketing Manager
Zupreme C&C (Bangkok Agency)

For more information about this event, please contact Jade Chan at or 065-512-9204.
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Event Agenda

Guest Registration
Introduction to Golden Visa & Portugal Real Estate

Application Procedure + New Updates from 2022
Exclusive Incentives for Attendees
Private Discussions & Consultation

02.00 pm
02.30 pm

03.30 pm
04.00 pm

03.00 pm

Marisa Costa  
Martínez-Echevarría & Ferreira